Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Top Priorities for Fenty's DC school system

SOme Punk ass bitches have it in their mind that Mount Vernon Square is with in their 'borda' or territory. That territory being Sursum Corda. Not to keep it real or anything but they are sorely mistaken. Several blocks mistaken. Their sorry ass tags, before my act of cleansing, lack the clear definition of a kingdom. Hardly do they have a kingdom. Could Sursum Corda be considered a kingdom? The resources are hardly anything to reign over or even battle over.

But a note to the complainers who receive graffiti or tags, for cleaning the threatening bullshit like the above 'borda' marker I used the following:

No need to complain. Just clean it yourself.

Take notice Fenty your ignorant jerkface plebeians need to be schooled in cleaning, art, spelling, penmanship and geography. (Like I'm the one to school anyone.)

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