Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mad as hell and I am not gonna take it



Alex said...

Say it loud! For some reason, no restaurant I have ever been to ever provides adequate tortillas... but at least most of them don't charge for the extras... bastards!

Craig said...

So if you aren't going to take it, why did you sign the bill?

Don't pay, argue with the manager and make a stink. (said by a Canadian who does this and embarrasses all the Canadians he dines with.)



mighty said...

Craig: i understand what you are saying. But if i talked to the manager and demanded it be taken off the bill then i would not have written on the credit card receipt, thus creating an interesting blog entry......

Be thankful that I decided to waste money at Austin Grill. If I had not , I would not have mildly amused the myriad of readers..
Yeah Right!