Sunday, March 04, 2007

The band, the romp and cults!

SO the band played Friday night in front of a room full of people. Over 90 infact....WE did alright, next were with the Hall Monitors, probably the best band in town. Mark your calenders April 28TH or 26th, I can't remember....

Felt WOnderful. Maybe indulged on a few too many beers. Night started at Polly's with Nif, a Smithwick (3 to be exact) and a meh burger.........We made our way to the Velvet, I was nervous as heck. Left Jenn as I paced and attempted to buy a fake mustache off a lesbian in search of some tail! She said the fake stache gave her the pull she needed to get some nookie. The lesbian didn't even stay for our set, well yeah!!! the thought of getting some pussy would do that to me as well!

Spent the day working the door for ROck and Romp, collecting $5 from each adult. Reminded me of my days at Peasants. Cept lOt less drunks. Plenty of stumbling, slurred speech and crying, just not done by the drunks.... Lemon Face, Middle Distance Runner and SOft Complex were the bands that played. Soft COmplex sounded right up my alley, I need to see them again soon.

even worse, Dollar Cult$!!!

gold domes are but lies forthe weak and easily bought!
just cause they can tell a great story doesn't....oh nevermind!!

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