Monday, November 14, 2005

Uh Huh!!!

Who said mechanics needed to know proper grammar & English?

Cat #1.
Cat #2
Dark and Stormy AV

So I thought about posting about how all my friends are trying to fuck each other (literally, figuratively, symbolically, and spiritually) and then freaking about said fucking action or maybe posting about the ingestion of drugs in public, or posting about how I have a lack of true male friends or about how bad I smell after not showering for 48 hours, but then I decided against it!

Instead, take a look at these photos I took with my mobile phone!

Jill likes to draw on her belly!

My niece, the bathing beauty!

Crucified and electrified!

Just crucified!

Driving to Pittsburgh!


ALVenable said...


I'll leave a slice of the quiche on your doorstep. Hope no one gets to it before you!

Alex said...

that cat drawing cracked me up!