Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So, wow, I am famous!!!
Not really...

I have been toiling away in this rock band for over a year now.

Saturday night, party time at Herr Docktor Doom's, in conversation with some one I had never met before she says to me
"I know you"
To which I reply
"oh really?"
"Are you in Shoddy Workmanship" (another band, that we have played with before).
I attempt to correct her by saying,
"Well no, put my band has played with them..."
Before I could finish my sentence she blurts out the $64,000 answer.

"THE BOLOPHONICS, oh I love you guys."

One word....



debbie said...

i hope you autographed her boobs or something!

mighty said...


I also gave her a tour of the tour bus if you know what I mean!!

Hey!!! Are we going to see Justin Moyer in drag on Sunday? you never got back to my email....

debbie said...

yeah, let's do it!

the niffer said...

That must have been a great feeling.

I wish I could go to one of your shows. Do you guys ever travel?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. we played the DC youth hostel once and some chicks from norway bought our CD and had us "autograph" them. ha ha ha.

-alex chilton

Anonymous said...

9 days. what the F?

update this thang!!!!