Saturday, April 02, 2005

Belated April Fools

So its Saturday early evening and I am listening to music.

Gives me hope for monotone!

COPS is about to come on soon. I love COPS, I watch because I look forward to the possibility of seeing people I know running from the PO-PO. Living in North Carolina, New Mexico and Kentucky, you sure do meet a lot of interesting folks who will do anything to become famous.

My hats off to Sucka for pulling off a brilliant first of April prank. You are one of the only in DC to have an actual sense of humor, The Saviours be damned.

My hats off to Junebug McQueen for her most excellant first of April prank. All I can say is we're expecting around October 31. Happy Halloween!!

Never got into Helium, but Lucy is amazing!


debbie said...

i missed it -- what was junebug's prank?

mighty said...

Ninjamonkey3000 Bat Cave Headquarters is expecting!!

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